Environmental Consulting Team

VCH is in partnership with internationally and regionally experienced consultants and experts in the area of Municipal Solid Waste.

We offer advise and project assistance with: National Solid Waste Plans, Technology Solutions, Recycling, Energy Solutions etc.

  Len Enriques (Miami)            Bala Somasundaram (Mia)      Amedeo Vaccani (Zurich)          Frode Syverson (Oslo)     Wayne DeFeo (New York)         Lars Soderstrom (Trinidad)

   BSc & MSc (MIT)                               MSc Enviro Eng &  BSc Mech Eng           MSc (Zurich) & MBA (Harvard)           MSc Civ.Eng. (Norway)                  BSc Biology, MA Enviro Studies            MSc Mech Eng & MBA (Harvard)   

Shahada Paltoo (T&T)                   Ornella Sequea (T&T)           Matthew Pulido (T&T)           Anesty Tudor (T&T)                Nikita Pierre (T&T)                  Avernell Wilson (T&T)

MSc Biodiv, Conserv.,Susts.        BSc General Biology &             BSc Enviro & Natural                BSc Biology, Zoology                BSc Geography & Agri Bus          BSc Biology, BSc Enviro &

Dvpmt, BSc General Biology       Environmental Biology            Resource Mgnt & Agri Sci          focus                                                                                         Natural Res. Mgnt