Land & Agri Development - La Caurita Cocoa Estate in Trinidad


VCH owns and operates 365 acres of land in Maracas Valley, Trinidad. We have rehabilitated one of the oldest and most prisitine organic cocoa estates located in the Northern Range National Park from 500 to 2,200 ftasl The estate also has history from the Amerindians who lived and worshipped in these mountains. The estate has the largest Amerindian stone carving in Trinidad. We offer hiking tours and visits to the cocoa estate & Amerindian stone carvings:


We sell & ship organic cocoa beans. Highly anti oxidant and promotes heart and cardiovascular health and improves memory. USD 40/kg.

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Panorama views over the Caura Valley, Marvas Valley and Northern Range National Park

The cocoa house was rebuilt some 3 years ago and uses sliding roofs to allow the sun to dry the organic cocoa beans.

The largest Amerindian stone carving in Trinidad. Some 8 by 5 the mountain jungle 1800ftasl.

You can enjoy our wild life and outstanduing bio diversity.

We have around 100 acres of cocoa going back to the 18th century. The famous Trinitario beans. We have planted 1000s of trees over the last 8 years.

Cocoa beans being sun dried in the conventional manner. visit from Julio Fuster, Spaniard from Madrid..tasting our beans.

The estate is full of high quality blue limestone, used for the manufacturing of concrete, asphalt & building of roads.