Next Genertation of Diagnostics Equipment

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VCH has partnered with a world-leading medical diagnostics company from MIT: and is offering revolutionary new diagnostics equipment to detect AIDS, Common Flu and soon other diseases at a 1/10 of the cost and less than 1/10 the current response time. This gives a point-of-care system to the nurse, GP pr hospital for AIDS Viral Load Testing, AIDS Drugs Resistance Testing. This is today performed by sending blood sample to labs in the USA. Expensive and slow.


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  • Nanobiosym Selected Recent Media Coverage:


    Cambridge Company Creates iPad-Sized Tech to Diagnose Diseases in Real-Time, April 13, 2014


    Nanobiosym founder Dr. Anita Goel discusses Gene-RADAR®, a device the size of an iPad that contains the power to diagnose diseases in real-time 



    10 Women to Watch in Tech in 2014, April 2, 2014


    Dr. Anita Goel is recognized as one of ten women to watch in technology in 2014



    Q&A: Genetic profiling with Dr. Anita Goel of Nanobiosym, February 7, 2014


    A new and possibly transformative technology for rapidly diagnosing and evaluating patients based on their specific genetic profile may soon begin appearing at retail pharmacies and clinics



    Nanobiosym: Our portable device can detect AIDS in under an hour, December 15, 2014


    Some of the poorest regions in the world may soon have a new test to diagnose AIDS in minutes


    Nanobiosym's Gene-RADAR® Diagnoses Diseases Faster, December 12, 2013


    An iPad-size device that takes less than an hour to diagnose diseases with genetic footprints, including HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, and some types of cancer



    Diagnosing Disease with a Touch of the Button, December 8, 2013



    An iPad-sized device is set to provide instant, accurate diagnostics for diseases like tuberculosis and AIDS



    Still in Stealth, Nanobiosym Sheds Light on Disruptive HIV Test, December 6, 2013


    Nanobiosym, a Cambridge research lab and incubator that’s been working behind the scenes for the last nine years, is now starting to test its first product: a device the size of an iPad that can detect a host of diseases much faster and more cheaply that existing equipment



    A Portable HIV Test That Provides Results In Minutes, November 25, 2013


    Cambridge (Mass.)-based company has developed a portable rapid diagnostics device that will allow users to accurately test for many diseases in under an hour



    Rethinking Assumptions: Five Opportunities to Leapfrog in Global Development, November 9, 2013


    Gene-RADAR® by Nanobiosym, a Cambridge, Massachusetts based biotech startup, allows for rapid, accurate, field-based molecular sequencing of HIV



    BTA Panel: The Power of Tiny Sensors, October 22, 2013


    For the 2013 Breakthrough Awards, Dr. Goel is featured on a panel of the top minds in sensor technology to discuss breakthroughs and what the future holds


    Mobile disease sensor wins first Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE, October 4, 2013


    Nanobiosym Gene-RADAR® was named the winner from a pool of 26 competing teams from seven countries, and will receive a $525,000 grand prize


    Nanobiosym win grand prize in Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE, October 3, 2013


    At the Health 2.0 2013 Conference in Santa Clara, California, Nanobiosym was awarded the $525,000 Grand Prize in the first competition of the $2.25 million Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE


    A Mobile Device That Uses Your Blood Or Spit To Quickly Detect Disease, October 3, 2013


    The winner of the Nokia Sensing XPrize is already doing rapid HIV testing, without needing a lab or even electricity


    Blood tests in minutes, not days or weeks, September 30, 2013


    Cambridge firm’s device could be a game changer, especially where labs are scarce


    Team Nanobiosym Gene-RADAR® - Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, March 26, 2014


    Dr. Anita Goel, the CEO and Chair of Nanobiosym, discusses Gene-RADAR® and its entry into the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE competition


    Nanobiosym X Prize Video, September 19, 2013


    Nanobiosym’s Dr. Anita Goel discusses the revolutionary device Gene-RADAR® and the effect it could have on the healthcare industry