Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation Barbados (

CEO 2009-2013. National broadcasting corporation with 1 TV, 4 Radio stations andone national cable tv network. 350 employees. Strategic Planning, profit enhancement, digital modernization (USD 20 m), management restructuring, launch of new radio station, IP-TV launch.


Also work done in restructuring Trinidad's State Broadcasting Corporation (CNMG) and Radio St Lucia and Radio Malawi.


TSTT Telecom


(Cable & Wireless) Trinidad (

VP Marketing. Leading telecom provider of fixed, mobile, wireless and internet services. Launch of new GSM network, 3 G services, wireless internet. Defended market against new cellular entrant (Digicel). Defined IP-TV strategy.

BBC Technologies
London, Trinidad (

Head of Product Marketing (Interim Management Services). 7 business plans for digital & software systems, services. Won IBC and NAB awards: "best new broadcast technology)" for Colledia MAM (Media Asset Management System). Part of team preparing plans for GBP3B divestment to Siemens.


Found & won BBC Technology's largest (world-wide) consulting project: "restructuring and modernization of CNMG, Trinidad's national broadcasting company (TV & Radio)".

Inter-American Development Bank
Washington DC, Barbados, Jamaica, Suriname (

Business Development & Entrepreneurship Consultants. Several award-winning and grant funded projects: 4 in Suriname, 2 in Haiti, 1 in Jamaica, 1 in Dominican Republic, 1 in Guyana. Winner of "Caribbean Business Planning Excellence Award" (MSW plant in DomRep). Part of "Compete Caribbean" initiative (USD 40 m) to enhance Caribbean's competitiveness. 


Also assisting: Compete Caribbean: