Lime stone quarrying


VCH owns 365 acres of land in Maracas Valley, Trinidad. This property contains a large amount of high quality limestone. Stone has been used for hundreds of years. An estate map from 1823 shows 13 locations marked "quarry". Those were sites where the stone is exposed and could be extracted manually and transported out on donkeys. In addition, for the last some 50+ years, the neighbour, Coosals Quarry (, has been mining limestone successfully and has been one of the main quarries in Trinidad. They are now, however, close to having exhausted their deposit, and the remainder of the limestone is located on our property. in 2013, we obtained a High Court Injunction against the Coosal Construction Company, stopping them violating our boundry and taking stone from our property. 


A recent Minerals Survey of 65 acres of our estate proved our limestone deposit to contain around 5-6 million yd3 of high quality in situ lime stone, sufficent for the production of around 10 m yd3 of limestone aggregate (this volume of stone is located on only 22-30 acres out of the 365 acres we own, so the estate contains much more).